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Here are what some of my current clients are saying about VOYSKY.

I can say that Jim is the best I have ever worked with.  I still haven't figured out when he sleeps, no matter what I send him, or when, he turns it around in no time.  He always delivers a perfect read, he makes us look good and I like that in a voice guy.

Randy Morgan
WLRQ-FM Melbourne, FL

"Jim is very much a valued asset to Froggy 102.7.  Turnaround time is usually within minutes, not hours.  His delivery is just what we want...friendly and upbeat, or with and edge or attitude if needed.  Plus he's extremely available and during those rare occassions when he might be away, he puts me in the know way ahead of time." 

Jeff DeWeese
Program Director - Froggy 102.7
Elkhart, IN

"We've been using Jim O'Brien at our cluster for two years now and the work has been fantastic!  I have been consistently impressed with his ability to not only delivery strong, compelling reads with the exact delivery I'd imagined, but to also turn around copy in record time.  Like a lot of people in radio nowadays, I find myself wearing multiple hats overseeing the programming and production of multiple stations.  When I get in a crunch and need something ASAP, I know I can depend on Jim to come through in a pinch."  

Alex Rain
KJMY - Texarkana Radio

"We've been working with Jim for the past three years and he's simply one of the best.  What I find extremely helpful is that Jim makes himself available at a moments notice.  If I need something ASAP, I call Jim and he turns it around not in hours, but most times in minutes.  And the read is always useable.  No fumbling around through outtakes, blunders and voice over guys who clear their throat on your MP3's.  Jim makes my job easier and he sounds fantastic!  Find that in a voice over talent, and you keep him!"

Gary Springfield
Program Director - KOLA 99.9 Riverside/San Bernardino, CA

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jim at a previous Classic Hits station, and my current Hot AC.  What is great is his ability to match whatever tempo or style you're looking for; whether I need a high-energy read, a tongue-in-cheek delivery, or even an occasional "accent" voice, Jim delivers.  As a matter of fact, he over-delivers and under-promises - a rare quality these days.  There's nobody better in this business.  Jim is a real pro, and a genuinely nice guy."

Brian Demay
Operations Manager - WBQB/WFVA Fredericksburg, VA

"Jim O'Brien is a dynamic individual...the guy you want to have on staff.  He delivers a warm, friendly and fun dynamic to every piece of production.  I couldn't be happier with the personal care he puts into his work and the quick delivery of finished product.  My station has gone through a major format adjustment...twice...and we stuck with Jim because we knew that we could count on him to help us maintain our audience and adjust the image of the station as we tweaked our format.  There's a lot of voices out there, but very few people who can deliver ready-for-air elements.  Jim's our guy!"

Randy Turner
Program Director - Mix 97 Poughkeepsie, NY

"He's FAST.....He's CREATIVE....He's CONVENIENT....He's GOOD!"  

Bob McLain
Program Genius - Oldies 106.3 Greenville/Spartanburg, SC

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